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J. Michaels (aka Elder Moreh) is no stranger to music. He grew up playing drums and bass in church and working with many gospel artists such as The O’Neil Twins, The Winans, Vickie Winans, Tramaine Hawkins, Richard Smallwood and a host of others. He has traveled with artists throughout the United States and abroad. At the age of 12 his desire was to be “just be a drummer and engineer" then at the age of 16, producing caught his "ear". Although he did not realize it, but while he was “making beats” in his brothers little 4 track bedroom studio in the 80's, (without his brothers’ permission) that the simple task of placing musical parts on each track and writing words to it was producing & songwriting.  This experimental "hobby" then moved to a little room in his church. This is where J.M. & his cousin (CEO of Blockboyz Entertainment) Jayd Daniels, began to map out their future careers in music and sharpened their skills as producers.

Before you knew it, he was doing work as a session musician and producing out of various major studios for a wide range of artists such as Immature, Monteco, TCF Crew and Skin deep. He worked with and learned from the likes of the late Wayne Brathwaite and Yogi Horton. Producers Barry Eastman and Skip Anderson were a major influence in his career. In the early 90's, he landed a position on the production team of producer Rahni Song and became part of the Rahni Song production network as well as drummer for contemporary Gospel Group “Kingdom”. He learned a lot of his production skills and mixing technique from his mentor Rahni Song. 

After a period of “retirement” from the business “Elder” has started a new production company and label, “Coast 2 Coast Music Group LLC” (C2C) with Tampa based “Saxophonist” Marlon Boone.  As CEO of C2C, he is committed to being a part of good quality songs/music that are “HITS” no matter who he is working with. As he always says "Music is a life force, be careful how you use it."

J. Michaels has produced a number of popular songs and musical collections, and continue to work towards helping the music we love get the exposure we believe it deserves. 

J.M. has always had one major goal: to provide musicians with the opportunity to record, produce, and share their unique and wonderful sounds with the masses. He is now in collaboration with some incredibly talented recording artists, who are rising up the charts with their productions.  

If you too have always dreamed of having your music heard, contact J. Michaels.



"Music is a lifeforce, be careful how you use it"

Coast 2 Coast Music Group LLC is an independent record label and publishing company started by music veteran international producer, arranger, musician and composer J. Michaels (aka Elder Moreh), and Saxophonist Marlon Boone.

Their vision is to create a company that focuses on hit “Single releases” and not “album filler“ releases. 
These singles are made to be “hits” for the fans and not just an A&R's ears.

This takes serious concentration to say the least, however the team assembled with their combined experience covering 2 generations is bound to create the kind of music that this generation needs and to be a leader in bringing us back to  producing and listening to “real music.”

No matter if we produce singles, EP's or full album projects, we hope you will enjoy ALL that you hear.

We also offer our production services for artists, labels & managers who are interested. 

Just shoot us a message!!!

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